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About Us

Our philosophy is to work with our Farmers and customers with honesty and integrity. While sophisticated in knowledge and experience, we pride ourselves in providing each of our customers with the individualized attention and professional service they need.

We are dedicated to provide superior quality spices. We pride ourselves in sourcing products that our farmers can use with confidence and trust. We are committed to be outstanding in all we do. A supportive and healthy work environment is of paramount importance. Our values are reflected in how we treat our team members. We believe in teamwork.

FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION PROFESSIONAL with over 19 years of experience
MBS (Finance & Marketing - Merit Pass) University of Colombo - 2009
B.B.A. –University of Ruhuna -1999 

Chamin Sampath Gunawardana

Managing Director



It is our vision to be the premier manufacturer and supplier of value added spices and create communities through real food experience.


To offer people a range of products at a revolutionary price, inspire .

Our Effort

Protect the taste of spices without damaging its own unique qualities, (Specially Nutritions and Aroma) in the process.
Branding and Packaging will be the key factors which are we mainly focus.

Our Concept

Food for Health

 “If we don’t eat foods as medicines, some day we have to eat medicine as foods” ( Mr. Ratan – TATA, India)

Spices give powerful anti-bacterial disinfectant and control more diseases . Medicine values - control blood sugar level and cholesterol , hearts of health conscious of people.

Ceylon spices are naturally grown which leads to unique flavoring agent to foods and beverage. It has been created market potential for natural products and more customers ignore price factor . They are searching foods free from artificial chemicals.

We make a product for long healthy life . We try to contributing for mitigate critical health problem in the society .



We value quality in all aspects of its operation. All of our employees are sincerely dedicated to excellence. Honesty And Integrity: We value honesty and integrity in all internal and external relationships. Leadership is setting good examples for others and living with honesty and integrity.

Customer: We value the diverse needs of its customers and seeks to exceed their expectations. Employees: We value the self-worth, contributions and expertise of all employees and will continually look for ways to enhance their professional growth opportunities.

Innovation: We are welcome open communication and encourage new ideas realizing that cooperative teamwork produces maximum success. Life-Long Learning: We value life-long learning as a critical tool of continued professional and personal growth.
Accountability: We are to be accountable for all of the products and services we provide.



The company has successfully tied up with reputed farmers at the various collecting centres who are equipped with total quality management and the processing is done under the most hygienic conditions.

They providing us accurate market information on day to day basis which help us analyze the market trend and update us accordingly enabling them to judicially plan their procurement schedules.

Quality Assurance

Quality of product 

Quality of product has always been the motto and the priority of our organization. Further, we also ensure that our products are processed hygienically and packed in durable packing to prevent damage during transportation as well as possess long shelf life.  | Design by I CLICK